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  • Will be doing a (patch) release before next Thursday
    • We have a couple of new features in the works but I am not sure they are ready
      • Space overriding of extractor is close but needs Mongo migration
      • What about the improved listing of extractor
      • Let's take out the piece that is not finished yet and we can add it to the next release.  "My Jobs" column should be hidden.  Hide ""Rating" column as well.  "All Jobs" is using Mongo's count so it should not take up too much time to render
      • Let's get this running to get it out to Syngenta for it's release on Thursday
      • Bing needs to update the code today.  Shared screen for SIMPL-DEV.  He showed the Metrics Details.  Suggested he add the extractor name as a breadcrumb.  Let's up the extractor catalog out there and get some feedback for improvement.  Please give access to the location so that Rob can share with Syngenta.
      • Sandeep suggests a calendar control.  Please write this up as an "Issue" to show duration/execution/submission for day/week/month and executions.
  • Webinars
    • In a month from today?
    • I think we said Rob Kooperon Helm chart and Mark Fredricksenfor transformation catalog?
    • Please look at the PR's
    • Made some changes to the UI, but need help testing before release (enable globally/space enabled/space disabled.  Let's make sure this doesn't break anything.  We used to store only what was enabled.  Anything stored as extractors needs to be enabled.
      • Ideally there should be a default radio button for enabled or disabled.
      • Three State Checkbox: when it shows as indeterminate, it becomes less helpful, so the radio buttons work better.  If you add a radio button with enabled globally, we can follow whatever is globally set (three radio buttons per row)
      • Mike L. - the word "enabled" is meaningless; perhaps "run" would be a better word.
      • Rob - if we use the checkbox, we'll need to write some JAVA script
      • Perhaps we should create an "Issue" and have Alex look at it.
  •  Fixed numeric date </> issue.  This requires a change index
  • Clowder PR - fix a bug in PyClowder.  The master branch and new branch were tested.  Rabbit MQ may have skipped a heartbeat which would cause it to fail.
  • The trigger thing may need to added before the release. Will work on this today.
MarkNothing to add
Mike L.
  • Tested deploying graylog to my dev machine via Docker Compose
    • Still need to test Bing Zhang's PR for the viewlogs feature
  • Next step is to deploy a production graylog instance for the project
  • Run dedicated context?  Get the index in Clowder
  • EarthCube is deployed using a HELM chart.  It can be private or public (default is private)
  • PyClowder only has a master branch now.  Update change log to new version.
  • Updated all Core extractors
  • Added capabilty to see events in time and in graphs.  This is specific to SIMPL
Mike B.
  • Able to upload full repos jsonLD to test(&now open)instance
  • Got past few parse errors/more to come
  • It is all in collab, which can soon be committed to github
SandeepSee Discussion above