Original approach was to upgrade one version of play at a time and keep all functionality. This turned out incredible difficult given all the interdependencies between libraries and scala version. See old branch: https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/bitbucket/projects/CATS/repos/clowder/compare/commits?sourceBranch=refs%2Fheads%2F2.0&targetBranch=refs%2Fheads%2Fdevelop.

Currently working on this: Luigi Marini Rob Kooper Maxwell Burnette Todd Nicholson

New approach is as follows:


Here is a list of plugins that, as of 1/6/2020, nobody has created a pull request yet to turn into a service. Can any be deleted or ignored, and who is doing them in what order? 


There are several significant changes to PyClowder that have been discussed - would be nice to bundle them into a corresponding release update for 2.0. (essentially pyclowder 3.0)

Play 2.6 Upgrade


Sbt migration: http://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13/docs/Migrating-from-sbt-012x.html

Play 2.8 Upgrade

Library Update Status Oct. 2020