Release 0.81

Unsupported features


This release contains only a parser. There is no unparser functionality in this release.

DFDL properties specific to unparsing are all unimplemented, and are generally ignored. These are:


The following types are unsupported. Their use will cause schema definition errors. Properties specific to them are also unimplemented.

XML Schema Features

Of the subset of features in XSD that DFDL uses, these are unimplemented, and are ignored by the Daffodil system unless otherwise noted:

DFDL Features

These features of DFDL are broadly absent from the implementation in this release.

DFDL properties associated with these features will be validated, but beyond that may be entirely unrecognized or ignored.

Daffodil-specific Features

These features are specified as part of the Daffodil API or Command-Line Interpreter, but are unsupported:

Properties and Property Enumerations

The following properties or property enumeration values are unsupported.

Their use in a DFDL schema will be validated.

These properties are implemented only for the value(s) specified. Any other value will cause a schema definition error.

The properties below are validated, but their values are subsequently ignored by Daffodil currently. Illegal or non-sensical values that are valid syntax will not cause a schema definition error (but should!). If they are undefined, Daffodil does not cause a schema definition error (but should!)

Deprecated Property Names

Both of these properties are supported.

If a schema uses separatorSuppressionPolicy, it will be respected and there wlll be no examination of separatorPolicy. If a schema does not use separatorSuppressionPolicy, then Daffodil will check for the former obsolete name separatorPolicy with its distinct enumeration values.


The following functions are unsupported in DFDL expressions:


The following DFDL annotations are unsupported:

Some additional limitations:

There is a list of bugs available in our JIRA tracking system.