Daffodil 0.10.0

- include and import now work with relative file schemaLocations
- respect minOccurs when occursCountKind="implicit"
- diagnostics improvements
- fixed 7-bit USASCII with implicit alignment
- add schema definition warning if xs:appinfo source is incorrect
- fixes unsignedXXX values
- improve SDE detection
- eliminate duplicate errors
- a complexType must not have exactly one child, which must be a
sequence, choice, or group ref
- allow spaces in pathnames
- calculate values (e.g. inputValueCalc) maintain their precision in
error messages
- check for invalid DFDL entities
- support for escaping percent sign

Java API:
- fix character entity info output when using the Java API
- add support for controlling the debugger, including a trace debugger
- fix issue where multiple calls to 'result' caused error

TDML Runner:
- can now use CDATA tags in dfdl:infoset for cases where characters
like < and > are in the expected output
- replaceDFDLEntities option now defaults to false

- new --trace option to get verbose output of Daffodil parsing
- the --debug option can now take a file containing a list of debugger
- add check for not yet implemented features
- fix bug where order of multiple --schema options was not maintained

- add 'history' command
- replace 'undisplay' command with 'delete display'
- 'delete' command requires 'breakpoint' or 'display'
- 'break' command does not require 'element.' anymore

- Miscellaneous minor improvements