Yong Wook Kim

Bethany Blakely  

Rob Kooper 

Minu Mathew 

Taylor Pederson 


  1. Variables missing from Mainstem L1.txt - how to get units and other Attr and xl values? Can we use 'L1_Ameriflux_soilvue_no_1_2.txt'?
    1. xl info on the Ameriflux-mainstem key.xlsx
    2. Attr values are deleted at the last stage. But L1 Attr needs to have units.
    3. Bethany will write Attr values for missing variables by next week.
  2. 'L1_Ameriflux_soilvue_no_1_2.txt' units for TIMESTAMP is none, but in 'Formatting EnergyFarm Flux Data' units is days since 1899-12-31 00:00:00 -5:00. Which one to use?
    1. The unit in word doc does not work. Do not use TIMESTAMP unit present in word
    2. Use none unit for TIMESTAMP
  3. Some extra attributes (ancillary_variables ) are present in word doc.
    1. Bethany will check
  4. What if a variable mentioned in L1 is not present in pyfluxpro_input_sheet? - Does pyfluxpro throw an error ? Asking this if the code has to have a check before writing variables to L1.
    1. PyFluxpro will throw a warning if a variable is not present in full_output or Met_data_30. Check before proceeding. 
  5. Ameriflux required variables are in the 'Ameriflux variable name' column? - should we check if these variables are present in L1_ameriflux.txt? 
    1. Should be present and we should check.
  6. In L2 - exclude dates and range checks - L1_mainstem does not have some variables that are present in L1_ameriflux (like ALB, CO2). What should the range and exclude dates for those be?
    1. No exclude dates for these ameriflux-only-variables
    2. Range check will be sent by Bethany for ameriflux-only-variables.
  7. In L2_ameriflux - the source attribute is different. Eg: In L1_ameriflux FC source = H2O_SIGMA, whereas in L1_mainstem Fco2 source=H2O_IRGA_Vr 
    1. This is in dependancyCheck. This section is to be copied over as well.
    2. Bethany will check the discrepancy
  8. Removing footprints in L2 – meaning delete x_[0-99] in the source attribute line. Do we have the variables where footprint can be present?- this way we can filter by variables instead of scanning the entire L2.
    1. Scan the entire document and check if there is a footprint under DependancyCheck.. Remove all footprints.
  9. In L2 - copy over the Plots section from the L2_mainstem? Because some variables are present and some are not.
    1. Copy over the entire section with variable name changed.
  10. Unit wrong bug in PyFluxPro L1
    1. pyfluxpro does not accept Ameriflux variable names. So run pyfluxpro with pyfluxpro variable names and after pyfluxpro L2 run, we will manually change the specific variable names.
    2. Variables are units accepted by PyFluxpro -

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