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Update to Daffodil 2.0.0

Delete calabash-server and make this repo just about the extension

The server is more of a prototype and isn't maintained. The XML calabash

CLI is capable of using the extension with some configuration. The

piperack command, which comes with XML Calbash is a more fleshed out

server for communicating with XML calabash.

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Update to latest Daffodil version and API

Bump version

Add unparse calabash extension

- Depend on xmlcalabash rather than relying on a forked build.

- Switch to using the sapi rather than internal API

- Similar to parse, there is both a normal XML input and a File input

- Reorganizes, refactors, and cleans up code so that things can be

shared between parse and unparse

- Add ability to use a saved schema

- Disable the server, it isn't maintained an appears to be broken


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Delete the old archive. It's in the git history if we need it

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Split calabash extension from calabash server

They are now two subprojects, with server depending on extension

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Added calabash-server module.

This combines the former daffodil extension for calabash, with the

calabash server.

Any restricted/FOUO materials have been removed and are maintained

elsewhere now.

This is all public stuff now.

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Moved existing project into archive.

Replacing it with combined project that includes both the calabash

server and the daffodil extension for it, and only public information.

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build.sbt uses xmlcalabash from mvn central.

Uses sbt managed dependencies exclusively now.

Setup for build using sbt. I wasn't able to get gradle to find all the


Updated dependencies to newer versions.

Updated to work with Daffodil v1.0.0

Updated to use sbt 0.13.5

Updated by modifying csv schemas to conform to DFDL v1.0 (fn:count

function, no "*" syntax).

Enabled PCAP example to work.

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Updating to report errors from parsing


Restricted sbt version to 0.12.4; added batch file

The eclipse plugin requires sbt 0.12.4. The eclipse plugin will

have to be upgraded before the project can support sbt 0.13.

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fixing PCAP submodule

consolidated TODOs into TODO.txt

Updated files prior to 0.5 release.

Upped version in build.sbt.

Added more documentation to README.txt.

Renamed calabash.sh to calabash-daffodil.sh.

Streamlined example files.

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updated pcap examples with latest from github

Added submodule for PCAP from https://github.com/DFDLSchemas/PCAP

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Moved compile to SchemaRegistry, which memoizes it

also reorganized imports on DfdlParseFileStep and DfdlParseStep

extracted compile method

splitting apart the compile and parse steps

changed to use the new parent class

extracted common parent class

Extracted parse method to reduce duplication

Updated to latest version of dependencies

Added a shell script to run calabash with

Updated to daffodil v0.14.0-SNAPSHOT and scala 2.10

Also added license text to top of each source file,

in NOTICE.txt, and in src/main/resources/META-INF so that

it automatically gets included in the jar.

Tweaked calabash.sh to be a little more robust.

Upgraded calabash to the latest released version (v1.0.18-95).

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Added ability to handle text input on the source port

Added commons-io-2.4 as a dependency.

added dfdl:parse step that parses base64-encoded input

Runs successfully from command-line like this:

scala -cp lib/*:lib_managed/*:target/scala-2.9.2/daffodil-calabash-

extension_2.9.2-0.4.jar com.xmlcalabash.drivers.Main -c etc/calabash-

config.xml --data-input examples/csv/simpleCSV examples/parse-test.xpl

Renamed DfdlParseStep.scala to DfdlParseFileStep.scala

Renamed dfdl:parse to dfdl:parse-file

Renamed DfdlParseStep to DfdlParseFileStep.

Wrote new facade to Daffodil that is much simpler

Added RELEASING instructions to BUILDING.txt

Added config for Piperack with CSV and PCAP pipelines

- added pcap-test-page.html

- upgraded to calabash-1.0.16

- added restlet jar

Updated README.txt with Piperack instructions

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