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test_994_CLI_Executing_Listing_execAll depends on junit run order - no longer guaranteed deterministic as of java 7



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: never
    • Component/s: CLI, QA
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      So we have CLI tests that depend on the fact that when running all the tests in a class, the tests execute in an expected order (order they appear in the class definition). That way we can compare the output to an expected output for the aggregate set of tests.

      However, I have found that this order is indeterminate. This changed in Java 7.

      E.g., below they execute in lexicographic order based on the test method name. However, our test expects them in the order they appear in the class definition, and as this test isn't new (test_994_CLI_Executing_Listing_execAll)

      Note also that when run under eclipse, it chooses yet a different order - by method name length, then lexicographic within each length.

      For the time being, on 1.1.0 branch I've moved this test to scala-debug. It's just testing that we can run a TDML file of tests from the CLI command line. So we really don't care what the output actually is, just that it reflects that a TDML file ran.

      mbeckerle@moose:~/dataiti/git/daffodil$ daffodil-cli/target/universal/stage/bin/daffodil test daffodil-test/src/test/resources/edu/illinois/ncsa/daffodil/section31/escape_characters/Escapes.tdml
      [Pass] escape_entry1
      [Pass] escape_entry10
      [Pass] escape_entry11
      [Pass] escape_entry12
      [Pass] escape_entry2
      [Pass] escape_entry2_1
      [Pass] escape_entry2_10
      [Pass] escape_entry2_11
      [Pass] escape_entry2_12
      [Pass] escape_entry2_13
      [Pass] escape_entry2_14
      [Pass] escape_entry2_15
      [Pass] escape_entry2_16
      [Pass] escape_entry2_17
      [Pass] escape_entry2_18
      [Pass] escape_entry2_2
      [Pass] escape_entry2_3
      [Pass] escape_entry2_4
      [Pass] escape_entry2_5
      [Pass] escape_entry2_6
      [Pass] escape_entry2_7
      [Pass] escape_entry2_8
      [Pass] escape_entry2_9
      [Pass] escape_entry3
      [Pass] escape_entry3_1
      [Pass] escape_entry3_10
      [Pass] escape_entry3_11
      [Pass] escape_entry3_12
      [Pass] escape_entry3_13
      [Pass] escape_entry3_14
      [Pass] escape_entry3_15
      [Pass] escape_entry3_16
      [Pass] escape_entry3_17
      [Pass] escape_entry3_18
      [Pass] escape_entry3_19
      [Pass] escape_entry3_2
      [Pass] escape_entry3_20
      [Pass] escape_entry3_21
      [Pass] escape_entry3_22
      [Pass] escape_entry3_23
      [Pass] escape_entry3_24
      [Pass] escape_entry3_25
      [Pass] escape_entry3_26
      [Pass] escape_entry3_27
      [Pass] escape_entry3_28
      [Pass] escape_entry3_29
      [Pass] escape_entry3_3
      [Pass] escape_entry3_30
      [Pass] escape_entry3_31
      [Pass] escape_entry3_4
      [Pass] escape_entry3_5
      [Pass] escape_entry3_6
      [Pass] escape_entry3_7
      [Pass] escape_entry3_8
      [Pass] escape_entry3_9
      [Pass] escape_entry4
      [Pass] escape_entry4_1
      [Pass] escape_entry4_10
      [Pass] escape_entry4_11
      [Pass] escape_entry4_12
      [Pass] escape_entry4_13
      [Pass] escape_entry4_14
      [Pass] escape_entry4_15
      [Pass] escape_entry4_16
      [Pass] escape_entry4_17
      [Pass] escape_entry4_18
      [Pass] escape_entry4_19
      [Pass] escape_entry4_2
      [Pass] escape_entry4_20
      [Pass] escape_entry4_21
      [Pass] escape_entry4_22
      [Pass] escape_entry4_23
      [Pass] escape_entry4_24
      [Pass] escape_entry4_25
      [Pass] escape_entry4_26
      [Pass] escape_entry4_27
      [Pass] escape_entry4_3
      [Pass] escape_entry4_4
      [Pass] escape_entry4_5
      [Pass] escape_entry4_6
      [Pass] escape_entry4_7
      [Pass] escape_entry4_8
      [Pass] escape_entry4_9
      [Pass] escape_entry5
      [Pass] escape_entry6
      [Pass] escape_entry7
      [Pass] escape_entry8
      [Pass] escape_entry9

      Total: 88, Pass: 88, Fail: 0, Not Found: 0

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