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Explore E2E testing strategies for Rocchio ElasticSearch plugin


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    • NDS Sprint 28, NDS Sprint 29

      Write a small set of integration (aka e2e or "end-to-end") tests against the example Rocchio implementation.

      Ideally, a set of integration tests would be nice as it would allow us to test our real performance against a running ES instance. We should also include a small set of complementary unit tests that can verify things that are still working at a low level.

      Integration tests will involve:

      1. Write/find a maven task that takes a hostname/port of a running ES instance, or attempts to startup an instance of elasticsearch via Docker if none is provided
      2. Write/find a maven task to wrap around my scripts to install the plugin (or figure out how to do this during test setUp()?)
      3. Write setup/teardown code to create/cleanup a connection to an existing instance of elasticsearch
      4. Write a series of JUnit integration tests against the live Rocchio plugin to test performance and correctness of the results
        • The shorter/cleaner the syntax, the better - I imagine we will be writing quite a few of these
        • These should verify plugin install/remove, verify our REST endpoint is created properly and responds to the expected paths/inputs, verify runtime of our plugin's expansion/search, compare results against a vanilla search (without expansion), etc

      This ticket is complete when the above steps have been explored and completed.

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