Release Notes - Daffodil - Version s14 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [DFDL-175] - Test BA - Escape Escape Character


  • [DFDL-286] - Eclipse XML Catalog Wiki info is obsolete
  • [DFDL-714] - Include/Import - schema for DFDL annotations shouldn't have to be pre-merged.
  • [DFDL-744] - Child element's length should be limited by length of parent
  • [DFDL-745] - Blank SpecifiedLengthExplicitBytesFixedParser Exception
  • [DFDL-771] - After fix for DFDL-691, IBM's ISO8583 format no longer compatible with Daffodil
  • [DFDL-922] - Invalid regular expression in lengthPattern should fail gracefully
  • [DFDL-939] - CLI generates a SDE validation warning
  • [DFDL-953] - gen-managed is spelled incorrectly as gen-mangaged in sbt
  • [DFDL-980] - Assert Invariant broken when PCAP example magic number does not match
  • [DFDL-993] - DFA States are not thread safe
  • [DFDL-994] - Provide default value for bitOrder and encodingErrorPolicy
  • [DFDL-1008] - Behavior of whitespace with textNumberCheckLax not consistent with Spec
  • [DFDL-1009] - Errors in 'sbt pack' when executed with Cygwin

New Feature

  • [DFDL-896] - bitOrder feature
  • [DFDL-967] - Replace Option in critical sections with Maybe


  • [DFDL-842] - Remove duplicate "schemas for dfdl schemas"
  • [DFDL-917] - Fail to parse NACHA file format due to WSP* CRLF
  • [DFDL-928] - Add validation to PCAP example schema
  • [DFDL-963] - Add support for IP layer parsing in PCAP schema
  • [DFDL-964] - Create pcap schema/examples with static packet sizes for performance testing
  • [DFDL-975] - find upper limit for csv file size supported in S14
  • [DFDL-977] - Try Saxon-EE for schema aware processing (performance)
  • [DFDL-984] - Add enhanced pcap schema/files to performance repo & test suite
  • [DFDL-988] - PCAP: Convert IPs to Human-readable format
  • [DFDL-1000] - Update CLI Wiki Page to Reflect Root/Namespace Changes


  • [DFDL-79] - Update Schemas-for-DFDL-Schema
  • [DFDL-337] - Getting Started and Project Setup Information Pages/Info need reorganizing
  • [DFDL-836] - Remove DelimSearchConstructs class, replace using appropriate EscapeScheme properties.
  • [DFDL-857] - Change CLI root namespace input
  • [DFDL-899] - build-system should copy XML Schema for DFDL annotations from propgen into daffodil-lib
  • [DFDL-949] - Remove synchronization locks
  • [DFDL-950] - Remove dead parser combinator code
  • [DFDL-951] - Replace lengthKind='explicit' parser combinator with something faster
  • [DFDL-969] - Fix double checkConstraints check
  • [DFDL-970] - Remove foundDelimiter in PState
  • [DFDL-971] - Replace PState with mutable state
  • [DFDL-974] - Move DFA creation/allocaiton code out of the parse() method
  • [DFDL-982] - Remove anonymous parsers
  • [DFDL-985] - PCAP: Modify Version # elements for clearer Assertion failure message
  • [DFDL-987] - Remove allocation of TextDelimitedParsers
  • [DFDL-990] - Improve speed of remapXMLIllegalCharactersToPUA
  • [DFDL-992] - Performance: Fix low hanging fruit

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