trait FileService extends AnyRef

Generic file service to store blobs of files and metadata about them.

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. FileService
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Abstract Value Members

  1. abstract def addFollower(id: UUID, userId: UUID): Unit

    Add follower to a file.

  2. abstract def addMetadata(fileId: UUID, metadata: JsValue): Unit

  3. abstract def addTags(id: UUID, userIdStr: Option[String], eid: Option[String], tags: List[String]): List[Tag]

  4. abstract def addUserMetadata(id: UUID, json: String): Unit

  5. abstract def addVersusMetadata(id: UUID, json: JsValue): Unit

  6. abstract def addXMLMetadata(id: UUID, json: String): Unit

  7. abstract def autoArchiveCandidateFiles(): Unit

    Submit all archival candidates to the appropriate queue/extractor

  8. abstract def bytes(): Long

    The number of bytes stored

  9. abstract def comment(id: UUID, comment: Comment): Unit

  10. abstract def count(): Long

    The number of files

  11. abstract def dumpAllFileMetadata(): List[String]

  12. abstract def findByTag(tag: String, start: String, limit: Integer, reverse: Boolean, user: Option[User]): List[File]

  13. abstract def findByTag(tag: String, user: Option[User]): List[File]

  14. abstract def findIntermediates(): List[File]

  15. abstract def findMetadataChangedFiles(): List[File]

  16. abstract def first(): Option[File]

    First file in chronological order.

  17. abstract def get(ids: List[UUID]): DBResult[File]

  18. abstract def get(id: UUID): Option[File]

    Get file metadata.

  19. abstract def getBytes(id: UUID): Option[(InputStream, String, String, Long)]

    Get the input stream of a file given a file id.

    Get the input stream of a file given a file id. Returns input stream, file name, content type, content length.

  20. abstract def getIterator(space: Option[String], since: Option[String], until: Option[String]): Iterator[File]

  21. abstract def getJsonArray(list: List[JsObject]): JsArray

  22. abstract def getMetadata(id: UUID): Map[String, Any]

  23. abstract def getTags(user: Option[User]): Map[String, Long]

    Return a list of tags and counts found in sections

  24. abstract def getTechnicalMetadataJSON(id: UUID): String

  25. abstract def getUserMetadata(id: UUID): Map[String, Any]

  26. abstract def getUserMetadataJSON(id: UUID): String

  27. abstract def getVersusMetadata(id: UUID): Option[JsValue]

  28. abstract def getXMLMetadataJSON(id: UUID): String

  29. abstract def incrementDownloads(id: UUID, user: Option[User], dateOnly: Boolean = false): Unit

  30. abstract def incrementMetadataCount(id: UUID, count: Long): Unit

  31. abstract def incrementViews(id: UUID, user: Option[User]): (Int, Date)

  32. abstract def index(id: UUID, idx: Option[String] = None): Unit

  33. abstract def indexAll(idx: Option[String] = None): Unit

  34. abstract def insert(file: File): Option[String]

    Directly insert file into database, for example if the file path is local.

  35. abstract def isInDataset(file: File, dataset: Dataset): Boolean

  36. abstract def latest(i: Int): List[File]

    Lastest x files in chronological order.

  37. abstract def latest(): Option[File]

    Lastest file in chronological order.

  38. abstract def listFiles(): List[File]

    List all files in the system.

  39. abstract def listFilesAfter(date: String, limit: Int): List[File]

    List files after a specified date.

  40. abstract def listFilesBefore(date: String, limit: Int): List[File]

    List files before a specified date.

  41. abstract def listFilesNotIntermediate(): List[File]

    List all files in the system that are not intermediate result files generated by the extractors.

  42. abstract def listOutsideDataset(dataset_id: UUID): List[File]

  43. abstract def listUserFilesAfter(date: String, limit: Int, email: String): List[File]

    List files for a specific user after a specified date.

  44. abstract def listUserFilesBefore(date: String, limit: Int, email: String): List[File]

    List files for a specific user before a specified date.

  45. abstract def modifyRDFOfMetadataChangedFiles(): Unit

  46. abstract def modifyRDFUserMetadata(id: UUID, mappingNumber: String = "1"): Unit

  47. abstract def removeAllTags(id: UUID): Unit

  48. abstract def removeFile(id: UUID, host: String, apiKey: Option[String], user: Option[User]): Boolean

    Remove the file from mongo

  49. abstract def removeFollower(id: UUID, userId: UUID): Unit

    Remove follower from a file.

  50. abstract def removeOldIntermediates(apiKey: Option[String], user: Option[User]): Unit

  51. abstract def removeTags(id: UUID, tags: List[String]): Unit

  52. abstract def removeTemporaries(): Unit

  53. abstract def renameFile(id: UUID, newName: String): Unit

  54. abstract def save(file: File): Unit

    Save a file object

  55. abstract def save(inputStream: InputStream, filename: String, contentLength: Long, contentType: Option[String], author: MiniUser, showPreviews: String = "DatasetLevel"): Option[File]

    Save a file from an input stream.

  56. abstract def searchAllMetadataFormulateQuery(requestedMetadataQuery: Any): List[File]

  57. abstract def searchMetadataFormulateQuery(requestedMap: LinkedHashMap[String, Any], root: String): com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.MongoDBObject

  58. abstract def searchUserMetadataFormulateQuery(requestedMetadataQuery: Any): List[File]

  59. abstract def setContentType(id: UUID, newType: String): Unit

  60. abstract def setIntermediate(id: UUID): Unit

  61. abstract def setStatus(id: UUID, status: FileStatus): Unit

    Set the file status

  62. abstract def setUserMetadataWasModified(id: UUID, wasModified: Boolean): Unit

  63. abstract def statusCount(): Map[FileStatus, Long]

    The number of files

  64. abstract def submitArchivalOperation(file: File, id: UUID, host: String, parameters: JsObject, apiKey: Option[String], user: Option[User]): Unit

    Submit a single archival operation to the appropriate queue/extractor

  65. abstract def updateAuthorFullName(userId: UUID, fullName: String): Unit

  66. abstract def updateDescription(fileId: UUID, description: String): Unit

  67. abstract def updateLicense(id: UUID, licenseType: String, rightsHolder: String, licenseText: String, licenseUrl: String, allowDownload: String): Unit

    Update the license data that is currently associated with the file.

    Update the license data that is currently associated with the file.

    id: The id of the file licenseType: A String representing the type of license rightsHolder: A String that is the free-text describing the owner of the license. Only required for certain license types licenseText: Text that describes what the license is licenseUrl: A reference to the license information allowDownload: true or false, to allow downloading of the file or dataset. Relevant only for certain license types

  68. abstract def updateMetadata(fileId: UUID, metadata: JsValue, extractor_id: String): Unit

    Update technical metadata

  69. abstract def updateThumbnail(fileId: UUID, thumbnailId: UUID): Unit

    Update thumbnail used to represent this dataset.

Concrete Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  2. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean

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  3. final def ##(): Int

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    AnyRef → Any
  4. final def ==(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  5. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean

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  6. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0

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  7. def clone(): AnyRef

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    @throws( ... )
  8. final def eq(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  9. def equals(arg0: Any): Boolean

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    AnyRef → Any
  10. def finalize(): Unit

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    @throws( classOf[java.lang.Throwable] )
  11. final def getClass(): Class[_]

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    AnyRef → Any
  12. def hashCode(): Int

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    AnyRef → Any
  13. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean

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  14. final def ne(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  15. final def notify(): Unit

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  16. final def notifyAll(): Unit

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  17. final def synchronized[T0](arg0: ⇒ T0): T0

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  18. def toString(): String

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    AnyRef → Any
  19. final def wait(): Unit

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    @throws( ... )
  20. final def wait(arg0: Long, arg1: Int): Unit

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    @throws( ... )
  21. final def wait(arg0: Long): Unit

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    @throws( ... )

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