package services

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Type Members

  1. class AdminsNotifierService extends AnyRef

  2. trait AppConfigurationService extends AnyRef

    Application wide configuration options.

  3. trait ByteStorageService extends AnyRef

    Interface to store bytes.

  4. class CILogonProvider extends OAuth2Provider

    A CILogon OAuth2 Provider

  5. case class CancellationMessage(id: UUID, queueName: String, msgid: UUID) extends Product with Serializable

  6. trait CollectionService extends AnyRef

    Generic collection service.

  7. trait CommentService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate comments in datasets and files.

  8. class ConfigurationModule extends AbstractModule

    Default production module.

  9. trait ContextLDService extends AnyRef

    Context service for add, query and delete Json-ld contexts

  10. class CrowdProvider extends IdentityProvider

    Provider for CROWD.

  11. trait CurationService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate curation objects.

  12. trait DatasetService extends AnyRef

    Generic dataset service.

  13. class DatasetsAutodumpService extends Plugin

    Dataset file groupings automatic dump service.

  14. class DatasetsMetadataAutodumpService extends Plugin

    Dataset metadata automatic dump service.

  15. case class DumpOfFile(fileToDump: File, fileId: String, fileName: String) extends Product with Serializable

  16. case class Entity(id: ResourceRef, mimeType: Option[String], extra: JsObject) extends Product with Serializable

  17. trait EventService extends AnyRef

    Service definition to interact with Events database.

  18. trait ExtractionBusService extends AnyRef

  19. trait ExtractionRequestsService extends AnyRef

    Tracks extractions requests

  20. trait ExtractionService extends AnyRef

    Track information about individual extractions.

  21. case class ExtractorMessage(msgid: UUID, fileId: UUID, notifies: List[String], intermediateId: UUID, host: String, queue: String, metadata: Map[String, Any], fileSize: String, datasetId: UUID = null, flags: String = "", secretKey: String, routing_key: String, source: Entity, activity: String, target: Option[Entity]) extends Product with Serializable

    Despite the fileId be named as such, it is currently serialized as id and used as the id of any resource in question.

  22. trait ExtractorService extends AnyRef

    Keeps track of extractors status information

  23. class FileConvertService extends AnyRef

    File Convert Service

  24. class FileDumpService extends Plugin

    File dump service.

  25. trait FileLinkService extends AnyRef

  26. class FileMetadataAutodumpService extends Plugin

    File metadata automatic dump service.

  27. trait FileService extends AnyRef

    Generic file service to store blobs of files and metadata about them.

  28. trait FolderService extends AnyRef

    Generic Folder Service

  29. trait InstitutionService extends AnyRef

    Service definition to interact with institutions database.

  30. class LdapProvider extends IdentityProvider

  31. trait LogoService extends AnyRef

  32. class MailerPlugin extends Plugin

  33. class MemoryQueueService extends QueueService

    Queue service that keeps queues in transient memory.

  34. trait MetadataService extends AnyRef

    MetadataService for add and query metadata

  35. abstract class MultimediaQueryService extends AnyRef

    Generic file service to store blobs of files and metadata about them.

  36. class ORCIDProvider extends OAuth2Provider

    ORCID provider

  37. trait PreviewService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate previews in files and datasets.

  38. trait ProjectService extends AnyRef

    Service definition to interact with projects database.

  39. trait QueueService extends AnyRef

    Generic queue service.

  40. trait RelationService extends AnyRef

    Track relations between resources.

  41. trait SchedulerService extends AnyRef

    Service to add a job to scheduler

  42. trait SearchService extends AnyRef

    Searching and indexing service.

  43. trait SectionIndexInfoService extends AnyRef

    Census service.

  44. trait SectionService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate sections

  45. class SecureSocialEventListener extends EventListener

  46. class SecureSocialTemplatesPlugin extends TemplatesPlugin

  47. trait SelectionService extends AnyRef

    Service for adding & removing user selections, as well as downloading/deleting selected datasets.

  48. trait SpaceService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate spaces.

  49. trait StandardVocabularyService extends AnyRef

  50. abstract class TagCheckObjType extends AnyRef

  51. abstract class TagService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate tags

  52. trait TempFileService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate tempfiles.

  53. class TempFilesPlugin extends Plugin

    Plugin for TempFiles.

  54. trait ThumbnailService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate thumbnails

  55. trait TileService extends AnyRef

    Service to manipulate tiles.

  56. class TreeService extends AnyRef

    Service for creating a file tree view for Spaces, Collections, Datasets.

  57. trait UserService extends AnyRef

    Service definition to interact with the users.

  58. class VersusService extends AnyRef

    Versus Plugin

  59. trait VocabularyService extends AnyRef

  60. trait VocabularyTermService extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AppConfiguration

    Object to handle some common configuration options.

  2. object ByteStorageService

  3. object CILogonProvider

  4. object CrowdProvider

  5. object DI

    Guide module configuration.

  6. object Entity extends Serializable

  7. object FileService

  8. object LdapProvider

  9. object ORCIDProvider

  10. object TagCheck_Dataset extends TagCheckObjType with Product with Serializable

  11. object TagCheck_File extends TagCheckObjType with Product with Serializable

  12. object TagCheck_Section extends TagCheckObjType with Product with Serializable

  13. package elasticsearch

  14. package filesystem

  15. package irods

  16. package mongodb

  17. package rabbitmq

  18. package s3