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Inna Zharnitsky Inna Zharnitsky f8fcd0592ca95722916407678f67f2094025e8f5 f8fcd0592ca95722916407678f67f2094025e8f5 BD-426 Made popup functionality persistent. Moved a lot of functionality to bacground.js.
Inna Zharnitsky Inna Zharnitsky 83bcb1a9c4e48d4de149ebeb5f63210dde5345d0 83bcb1a9c4e48d4de149ebeb5f63210dde5345d0 Made popup functionality persistent. Created a background.js and moved a lot of functionality there from the popup.js. BD-426
Inna Zharnitsky Inna Zharnitsky fa36de5490c753ff798e0450b703f87f047c6ce2 fa36de5490c753ff798e0450b703f87f047c6ce2 Added background script to manifest.
Inna Zharnitsky Inna Zharnitsky 8bedc66148985133cc111fd9afa0ba9477eb8a70 8bedc66148985133cc111fd9afa0ba9477eb8a70 Moved some code to background.js and renamed some vars for readability
- Renamed several vars in listFiles to improve code readability

- Moved webPageResource, convertAndDownload, waitAndDownload,
downloadURI from dtspopup.js to dtsbackground.js

- Changed displayImages to use background page
Inna Zharnitsky Inna Zharnitsky 4bd5ea98526e3497071b79a54810132729a662b2 4bd5ea98526e3497071b79a54810132729a662b2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature/BD-426-persistent-chrome-extension-ui

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