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14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 517eb2f1b001: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 0992eebcc78a: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 f9e79a7653f9: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 efa0b7a2d37b: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 fe548f92b224: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 a7d53ea16e81: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 e53f74215d12: Preparing
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 efa0b7a2d37b: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 0992eebcc78a: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 fe548f92b224: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 f9e79a7653f9: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 e53f74215d12: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:30 a7d53ea16e81: Waiting
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 5ec01b417bdc: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 517eb2f1b001: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 a5d8522be06e: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 1a6d486a91bd: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 f9e79a7653f9: Layer already exists
14-Mar-2018 10:22:31 efa0b7a2d37b: Layer already exists
14-Mar-2018 10:22:32 fe548f92b224: Layer already exists
14-Mar-2018 10:22:32 e53f74215d12: Layer already exists
14-Mar-2018 10:22:32 a7d53ea16e81: Layer already exists
14-Mar-2018 10:22:32 0992eebcc78a: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:35 47453cc2e100: Pushed
14-Mar-2018 10:22:37 latest: digest: sha256:76dadf96be29c9c9fb2eed9093597a8f5a6eee37795f6a26ff12607bade77a03 size: 2615