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31-May-2018 09:58:11 784246ab1379: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 488226c02702: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 869c7a702293: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 9e7b1d7a3bd9: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 03123738fe33: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 6b68dfad3e66: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 cd7100a72410: Preparing
31-May-2018 09:58:11 488226c02702: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:11 869c7a702293: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:11 9e7b1d7a3bd9: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:11 03123738fe33: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:11 6b68dfad3e66: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:11 cd7100a72410: Waiting
31-May-2018 09:58:12 3a5fc7c0214a: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:12 3aae4626633d: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:12 784246ab1379: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:13 21d4d2583c01: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:13 869c7a702293: Mounted from library/python
31-May-2018 09:58:13 9e7b1d7a3bd9: Mounted from library/python
31-May-2018 09:58:14 03123738fe33: Mounted from library/python
31-May-2018 09:58:14 6b68dfad3e66: Mounted from library/python
31-May-2018 09:58:14 cd7100a72410: Mounted from library/python
31-May-2018 09:58:14 f480ad1b29c8: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:19 488226c02702: Pushed
31-May-2018 09:58:22 latest: digest: sha256:ba7febdc111276c1ddb7043dff9d1fc503d6effbec71b172997020ce5c5c2bf5 size: 2615