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04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 f82f12626349: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 ae2fc3df2cbe: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 75fed4290ceb: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 6795dbd93463: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 e2986b5e7ba2: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 beefb6beb20f: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 df64d3292fd6: Preparing
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 ae2fc3df2cbe: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 6795dbd93463: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 e2986b5e7ba2: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 75fed4290ceb: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 beefb6beb20f: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:40 df64d3292fd6: Waiting
04-Oct-2018 12:19:42 f82f12626349: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:42 a9de7e06c809: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:42 6ae6b1e00368: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:42 127f88cbe2ed: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:43 75fed4290ceb: Mounted from library/python
04-Oct-2018 12:19:43 6795dbd93463: Mounted from library/python
04-Oct-2018 12:19:43 e2986b5e7ba2: Mounted from library/python
04-Oct-2018 12:19:43 ae2fc3df2cbe: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:43 f4f8f65600fe: Pushed
04-Oct-2018 12:19:44 beefb6beb20f: Mounted from library/python
04-Oct-2018 12:19:44 df64d3292fd6: Mounted from library/python
04-Oct-2018 12:19:46 latest: digest: sha256:6347d6012686c424cf4cf58b00e6b1dd6917a9cc54db433721097801a81ffe41 size: 2615