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22-May-2018 13:10:30 ecbd2a31016c: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 e674832801a3: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 bfc38b563694: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 bfc38b563694: Waiting
22-May-2018 13:10:30 0600892a33b9: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 4fa9112ef350: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 1ac45d8ac691: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 a7d53ea16e81: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 e53f74215d12: Preparing
22-May-2018 13:10:30 4fa9112ef350: Waiting
22-May-2018 13:10:30 a7d53ea16e81: Waiting
22-May-2018 13:10:30 1ac45d8ac691: Waiting
22-May-2018 13:10:30 0600892a33b9: Waiting
22-May-2018 13:10:32 ecbd2a31016c: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:32 e674832801a3: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:32 975e87110189: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:33 0600892a33b9: Layer already exists
22-May-2018 13:10:33 4fa9112ef350: Layer already exists
22-May-2018 13:10:33 a7d53ea16e81: Layer already exists
22-May-2018 13:10:33 1ac45d8ac691: Layer already exists
22-May-2018 13:10:33 e53f74215d12: Layer already exists
22-May-2018 13:10:34 bfc38b563694: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:34 f153cba591e4: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:35 0f5f4ac04f03: Pushed
22-May-2018 13:10:39 develop: digest: sha256:09149f728b28711afc78cdfeb87a7cff5b7c9f637288c3385842e10b8a20cf72 size: 2615