Build: #17 was successful Changes by Ben Galewsky <bengal1@illinois.ed> and Yan Zhao


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23-May-2018 15:21:47 30e30390d983: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 2466ba318f14: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 8efc4ab52863: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 fbbeadfbd3ca: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 0f6f641d80ca: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 76a66da94657: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 0f3a12fef684: Preparing
23-May-2018 15:21:47 2466ba318f14: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:47 8efc4ab52863: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:47 fbbeadfbd3ca: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:47 0f6f641d80ca: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:47 76a66da94657: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:47 0f3a12fef684: Waiting
23-May-2018 15:21:48 7bc76b4e0a5b: Mounted from library/openjdk
23-May-2018 15:21:48 14c7224fc3c8: Mounted from library/openjdk
23-May-2018 15:21:49 30e30390d983: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:49 f3f42703ea8d: Pushed
23-May-2018 15:21:51 2466ba318f14: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:51 8efc4ab52863: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:51 fbbeadfbd3ca: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:51 76a66da94657: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:51 0f6f641d80ca: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:21:51 0f3a12fef684: Layer already exists
23-May-2018 15:22:00 a259b06adc50: Pushed
23-May-2018 15:22:04 latest: digest: sha256:861883444f5b415a797add817cb773c02ed3d9c92b777401ed595f7163d82927 size: 2630