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Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 7762b3b69bf38254b069ec6968a7f5f4a94417db 7762b3b69bf38254b069ec6968a7f5f4a94417db Updated changelog.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 3e8c482dba8b82173c0c5b308396887d8138a304 3e8c482dba8b82173c0c5b308396887d8138a304 Updated changelog.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 98b607c0498f634ca48db434fa0c18c0fd2f260c 98b607c0498f634ca48db434fa0c18c0fd2f260c Merge branch 'master' into develop
# Conflicts:
#        runtest.sh
#        src/test/python/README.md
#        src/test/python/test_conversion_data.yml
#        src/test/python/test_extraction_data.yml
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 250aafb1d6a78455a117d6c5b315377420b0fdd5 m 250aafb1d6a78455a117d6c5b315377420b0fdd5 Updated swagger definitions. Added missing endpoints.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 0c6bcf77a7e973456ce76eba67232a573b7548ac m 0c6bcf77a7e973456ce76eba67232a573b7548ac Merge pull request #100 in BD/fence from feature/BD-1641-only-users-who-submit-a-resource to develop
* commit '88bdffe54d57e80b41cce6c76326ae77b2dcb8de':
  Store resource_id for each file or url submission and use that to moderate access to outputs. Added a few endpoints. Removed tokenFilter from /ok endpoint. Always set Content-Type: application/json for extractions/url.

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