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Ben Galewsky <bengal1@illinois.ed> Ben Galewsky <bengal1@illinois.ed> 5ef61b7b1d1200ea33e6e40cedb7a02bd9f4bc55 5ef61b7b1d1200ea33e6e40cedb7a02bd9f4bc55 Make the extractor def readonly for viewing toolversion
inna zharnitsky <> inna zharnitsky <> 985562c7d215bcc4fe8236d5b74f6498549daf1b 985562c7d215bcc4fe8236d5b74f6498549daf1b BD-1892 Track Extractor Defs in Tool Catalog
inna zharnitsky <> inna zharnitsky <> 295ee4ca4e876ff3b9f2bf2e0b404468e3670b19 295ee4ca4e876ff3b9f2bf2e0b404468e3670b19 Reformatted code of models/ToolVersion, views/editToolVersion, views/displayToolVersion. No other changes.
inna zharnitsky <> inna zharnitsky <> 4c39d47ff664faa4bcc4285be1bd7f9fc727d942 4c39d47ff664faa4bcc4285be1bd7f9fc727d942 Removed params.get that could potentially through a None.get; slight code reformatting
inna zharnitsky <> inna zharnitsky <> 704aa3131dc0bc26833b5939620f1929952cdce6 704aa3131dc0bc26833b5939620f1929952cdce6 BD-1563 Added VMImageName back to ToolVersion model; moved several fields to a nested model, to keep total num of fields under Play’s limit

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