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Todd Nicholson <> Todd Nicholson <> c92e37a9120adf7adae956a6f45ecd135d71fdba c92e37a9120adf7adae956a6f45ecd135d71fdba removing 'tags' from Vocabulary object. Instead using a List[String] called 'description' that will contain a list of descriptive words about the list.
Todd Nicholson <> Todd Nicholson <> 289aa700aad6ba279b6eace0662273f2b7fccda2 289aa700aad6ba279b6eace0662273f2b7fccda2 Merge branch 'develop' into features/vocabularies
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 0173f742f7d53bc2febef54b368b2241b96e142a m 0173f742f7d53bc2febef54b368b2241b96e142a Merge pull request #776 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/CATS-458-text-search-and-metadata-search to develop
* commit 'ab3c25a6bf5d17ab62fe82a7661b061202201f53':
  fix bugs
  add id for metadata search form
  add id for metadata search form
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini d86618d2db61f62585e58384dc9aa64e98e050a2 m d86618d2db61f62585e58384dc9aa64e98e050a2 Merge pull request #772 in CATS/clowder from feature/CATS-416-change-file-name to develop
* commit '0aa3d230e73365805c34d50bd92350a180bbab70':
  add form-control
  mouse pointer, add class error and change title text
  wider input field
  add route, endpoint to file name edits, new editFile permission, the code follows similar edit of a collection name
Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 0aa3d230e73365805c34d50bd92350a180bbab70 m 0aa3d230e73365805c34d50bd92350a180bbab70 add form-control

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