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Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 64f9a3dc65c9592f172b14a7775f383d7b3533ff Merge branch 'develop' into bugfix/CATS-330-fix-ability-to-select-any-metadata
# Conflicts:
#        app/api/Metadata.scala

Resolve merge conflict.
Rob Kooper Rob Kooper 7e4a391a54490685772210f91d7aa55f94eba550 m would fail if metadataCount was a String
This will always convert to String, then to Long.
Rob Kooper Rob Kooper 0e66a156fe8f286c6ab370a6094a496adc850999 m Merge pull request #955 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/CATS-603-api-collections-coll_id-datasets to develop
* commit '15180ec9a9c31b4a79ca418576afbc010cca221b':
  fix it real good.
  fix typo
  changed per rob's suggestion
  added user to datasets.listCollection
Rob Kooper Rob Kooper 30f65d586887e786d55ce577a835c059fb1ae1d4 m Merge pull request #947 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/CATS-598-error-for-add_file_dataset-type to develop
* commit 'e77e06116f3c33d18f38d1dee92d542dd1eda861':
  if condition Line 162
Rob Kooper Rob Kooper a5aa1bea876a3a286a13b88ad26ea3f12672871c m Merge pull request #899 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/CATS-577-add-indexing-to-json-ld-metadata to develop
* commit 'bc659d3d5bceba3c984ce30011586d9f35688a3a':
  Correctly allow multiple md of a particular type
  Use match instead of get to handle more elegantly
  Remove logs & clean comments
  Check ResourceRef type correctly
  Index UserMetadata as well as JSONLD
  Remove metadata from index when deleted
  Include new ds metadata in index list
  Add index of JSON-LD to dataset service
  Add index for metadata to FileService

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