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Rob Kooper Rob Kooper e2aac670ab4f2fada7226104ab1f7d04b183d7f8 e2aac670ab4f2fada7226104ab1f7d04b183d7f8 initial attempt at removing secure social
This will take the social.users database (as used by secure social) and create a new database called users. This database will be independent of secure social and contain all our properties for a user. When a user logs in it will check the social.users for login information but then use the user as stored in users.

securesocial is now only in the following classes:
services.mongodb.MongoDBAuthenticatorStore - used to store when the user last logged in, etc
services.mongodb.MongoDBSecureSocialUserService - used to store the user information*Provider - different providers for secure social - used when the user logins/signsup to update the users collection - points ot clowder specific pages in views/ss - wrappers for securesocial code such as login check, token create, etc.

views uses securesocial in places to generate specific urls, as well as for the secure social specific login/register/etc pages

This will also fix the issue where no email was send if the user signed up using a non local account (CATS-483)
This will also fix the issue to record last login and login count of a user (CATS-590)

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