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Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> e9abf6c8d3d0ef7e0d8d8c04904d7eba44358c52 e9abf6c8d3d0ef7e0d8d8c04904d7eba44358c52 Merge branch 'overhaul-elasticsearch' into terra-dev-instance
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 7e752a929bfbae4425d2db647b03c0708d471a7a 7e752a929bfbae4425d2db647b03c0708d471a7a Merge branch 'develop' into overhaul-elasticsearch
Resolve merge conflicts.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini d62064f35509b7d5454cf4129c798d3ff97ceb67 d62064f35509b7d5454cf4129c798d3ff97ceb67 Merge pull request #1082 in CATS/clowder from ~JIMMYERS/clowder:noQuicktime to develop
* commit '6f9b615776c412e432599c5d0b7acbf3c32bcb89':
  moving video support out of the QT previewer and checking for a plugin when working with QT VR panoramas.
  making video size reactive like Quicktime preview so video stays within the page layout
  Check for presence of Quicktime plugin and if it doesn't exist, try the HTML5 video tag for videos ... (Note that Quicktime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple and is being removed in organizations due to security concerns)
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini e0a0d0e9f707b9744796710cb1529a8dae1557ba e0a0d0e9f707b9744796710cb1529a8dae1557ba Increased version on develop to 1.x
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 0f337c56176da371cca9805a51f9bd4375d4d528 0f337c56176da371cca9805a51f9bd4375d4d528 Merge pull request #1076 in CATS/clowder from ~JIMMYERS/clowder:bugfix/SEAD-1134-can-t-re-add-a-metadata-definition to develop
* commit '95e1a820531762a406093b43a29e752dac949c4c':
  addDefinitionHelper should only check the current space/or None when deciding if a def exists (unless/until we do something more to sync defs across spaces)

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