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Rob Kooper Rob Kooper 7283fc44f0ffc347b938f63258947964e94697c6 7283fc44f0ffc347b938f63258947964e94697c6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/SEAD-1055-sorting-by-date-and-title-for-datasets
Rob Kooper Rob Kooper 22da993796acf30c1a25fec013efd05c9a4df92d 22da993796acf30c1a25fec013efd05c9a4df92d undo casbah
Indira Gutierrez Polo Indira Gutierrez Polo 6377ac40efbcaf3526572f41f15d8507b96c73b7 m 6377ac40efbcaf3526572f41f15d8507b96c73b7 Merge branch 'develop' of into updates-changelog
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Indira Gutierrez Polo Indira Gutierrez Polo d1513bae010885472abeb860bb31c01a61a9ded0 m d1513bae010885472abeb860bb31c01a61a9ded0 Updates to the changelog
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini a6396b8f00b27f07c164424f5067fe38a50acd66 m a6396b8f00b27f07c164424f5067fe38a50acd66 Merge pull request #1124 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/CATS-752-deleted-space-in-spaceslist to develop
* commit '0ed7a151bf41f1137476a3e9b21bac74586fbdd9':
  fixed - datasets not in collections will be fixed
  fixed problem where sub collections spaces not updated
  better logging
  Datasets and collections that are in a space are removed from the space before the space is deleted. This way the deleted space id will not be in the spaces.

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