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Luigi Marini Luigi Marini c63372ccb9a19ed12e9a84062c30b680ceb11583 Added CHANGELOG entry.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini d4cf43d8636223ab07d3df9f86e2c83ea1e8d125 Return 409 Conflict when a file that is not "PROCESSED" is submitted for manual execution to an extractor.
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 477dd1e7956a4afae6733844f3d10f258865d403 Correctly index new tags from bulk operation
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> fb4083269677ff2d7a6f32c166b928ebc182e6a1 Add bulk tag support.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini fc9a411e17dd1115bfb06e234057b0f70b726ab1 Merge pull request #1132 in CATS/clowder from feature/SEAD-1054-bulk-download-from-mmdb-1383 to develop
* commit 'a4929fe0cd2929a03dd2a01f5f2543c68b8877de':
  The issue was that, isBagit checked to see if the file_type was == 4, which worked for root collection but not here, where it should have been 1.
  Remove debug logs
  Remove author, simplify some code
  Fix home screen & collection list behavior
  Rearrange menu, disable buttons as necessary
  select on list items, support clear all
  Confirm deletion of datasets
  Fix download nesting
  Add much of iteration code
  Add partial logic for bulk download/delete
  Fixed select datasets on all pages. Was broken because of merge.
  Updated resolvers for dependencies
  Ability to toggle selection of dataset on listing page between plus/check.
  Fixed remove selection by manually stringifying the dataset UUID.
  Removed jquery-ui styling.
  [MMDB-1383] Fixed dataset selection to properly use guice services. [MMDB-1383] Moved javascript for selection to assets directory and tried to use requirejs, which unfortunately is hard to setup with masonry. Keeping code but it needs to be fixed. [MMDB-1543] Turn off javascript console when in production mode.
  Show name of dataset when dropping it in in the target box.
  Cleaning up.
  Ability to select and deselect datasets. Ability to click and drag selected dataset into relationship creation form.
  Ability to select a dataset from the dataset page.

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