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Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 974fe7d7d4ac11c2020d8670a490b1e5a8147b8d m update remaining compilation issues
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 2ac4720c924c6cf825792d7dd7a66f9c979575a7 m Merge branch 'develop' into 2.0-work-in-progress
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini a2cc184764d528fca3cfc3ef9049b710b1ec7ecc m Fixed runtime bug with space page.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 63ffa517bca94d65e868747540bf5fd012fb9ddd m Fixed runtime error on file page related to `FileConvertService`.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini d4bd97520bb1d1d730316cfc438fd753b5750342 m Pull request #1433: Upgrade elasticsearch version 7
Merge in CATS/clowder from upgrade-elasticsearch-version-7 to 2.0-work-in-progress

* commit '3930461967d4a550d4cf9bbd6e95eeabe17c0594': (21 commits)
  Default port for elasticsearch from 9300 to 9200 since with the upgraded to v7 we now use the HTTP port to connect. Changed default Elasticsearch cluster name to `clowder` since that is what we use in the docker compose. Rolled back change to the name of the elasticsearch volume.
  Print exception if there is an unknown error connecting to Elasticsearch.
  Updates docker compose elasticsearch definition.
  missing bracket in Search
  git wars battle 3 - re-re-fix index mappings
  rename 75
  Create ElasticsearchSearchService75.scala
  Recover elasticsearch changes
  Merge branch '2.0-work-in-progress' into upgrade-elasticsearch-version-7
  Fix index creation mappings
  Update ElasticsearchSearchService.scala
  migration WIP
  Update ElasticsearchSearchService.scala
  finish integrating queue service and search service
  add MemoryQueue service
  fix parsing to SearchResult
  overhaul of search and queue service design
  clean up and formalize search result handling for service

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