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09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 11aff94b50dc: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 c8a24fab68a3: Preparing
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 5f1e50392fde: Preparing
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 075054bf4d67: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 e9559562f36a: Preparing
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 fee20f1b745d: Preparing
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 c8a24fab68a3: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 d0fe97fa8b8c: Preparing
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 5f1e50392fde: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 d0fe97fa8b8c: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 e9559562f36a: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 fee20f1b745d: Waiting
09-Nov-2022 13:32:42 5f70bf18a086: Layer already exists
09-Nov-2022 13:32:43 11aff94b50dc: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:32:43 90e359a4db85: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:32:43 5bbcfb106ce5: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:32:44 5f1e50392fde: Layer already exists
09-Nov-2022 13:32:44 e9559562f36a: Layer already exists
09-Nov-2022 13:32:44 fee20f1b745d: Layer already exists
09-Nov-2022 13:32:44 d0fe97fa8b8c: Layer already exists
09-Nov-2022 13:32:47 c8a24fab68a3: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:33:01 5cdf5bba755e: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:33:02 2f10811a6ff8: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:33:24 075054bf4d67: Pushed
09-Nov-2022 13:33:25 develop: digest: sha256:75427d546f780db4656a4f136f967fe20b096435e95a17df65789542b61b380e size: 2846