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09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 98fdd777be26: Preparing
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 5f1e50392fde: Preparing
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 e9559562f36a: Preparing
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 fee20f1b745d: Preparing
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 d0fe97fa8b8c: Preparing
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 98fdd777be26: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 5f1e50392fde: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 e9559562f36a: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 fee20f1b745d: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 d0fe97fa8b8c: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 d8225cbf9cb2: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 e72ade6f493d: Waiting
09-Jan-2023 15:44:57 5f70bf18a086: Layer already exists
09-Jan-2023 15:44:58 d8225cbf9cb2: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:44:58 630cd3c73a3f: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:44:59 1e2e91fbce9c: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:44:59 5f1e50392fde: Layer already exists
09-Jan-2023 15:44:59 e9559562f36a: Layer already exists
09-Jan-2023 15:44:59 fee20f1b745d: Layer already exists
09-Jan-2023 15:45:00 d0fe97fa8b8c: Layer already exists
09-Jan-2023 15:45:02 98fdd777be26: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:45:18 98b447d404a0: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:45:18 785469ec9dbb: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:45:40 e72ade6f493d: Pushed
09-Jan-2023 15:45:41 develop: digest: sha256:00fb5e9423dffcc2ab4f943d2920659ee9cc805cc67a4920c75f81212c603322 size: 2846