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Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 62a41263bef6cd9c9598001c811a9344bf18946b 62a41263bef6cd9c9598001c811a9344bf18946b combine month and year, new function, remove run button, fire on change
Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 3eb586482dc68e158b98b71a2efe28d31a7c8b00 3eb586482dc68e158b98b71a2efe28d31a7c8b00 Merge branch 'release/1.4.0' of into release/1.4.0
Christopher Navarro Christopher Navarro 4ccaccd26553f878dfd4de5e48a786e24320dd5b 4ccaccd26553f878dfd4de5e48a786e24320dd5b Pull request #110: Feature/FD-318 redirect to referer url on login
Merge in FD/farmdoc from feature/FD-318-redirect-to-referer-url-on-login to release/1.4.0

* commit 'd04189726d76b831bedaa600d03fc0d31da03236':
  FD-318: updated changelog
  FD-318: Added refer_url redirect on login
Gowtham Naraharisetty Gowtham Naraharisetty d04189726d76b831bedaa600d03fc0d31da03236 d04189726d76b831bedaa600d03fc0d31da03236 FD-318: updated changelog
Gowtham Naraharisetty Gowtham Naraharisetty 4213d06b027e39a4fed5a2088c173040c1c7e5b9 4213d06b027e39a4fed5a2088c173040c1c7e5b9 FD-318: Added refer_url redirect on login

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