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Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 7802dec51579fb55bd55f494b4c92218b6bd7bd7 7802dec51579fb55bd55f494b4c92218b6bd7bd7 Merge branch 'develop' into feature/FD-392-populate-cover-crop-history
Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 4014d3cadbd72ff9c1e9485c5efde00941cd2bff 4014d3cadbd72ff9c1e9485c5efde00941cd2bff add input boxes
Christopher Navarro Christopher Navarro 84837282d4dd43262871816e9cc50e84ecb53da9 84837282d4dd43262871816e9cc50e84ecb53da9 Pull request #8: Feature/FD-363 create initial partial budget analysis page for soil econ tool
Merge in FD/soil-econ-ui from feature/FD-363-create-initial-partial-budget-analysis-page-for-soil-econ-tool to develop

* commit '704d34c3a3898a285e29e7a18d961682b5ec7b6d':
  removed unused states
  add unique key to results table
  increase font in body
  removed props
  remove insert, clean the table, add padding, removed unused states
  split intothree tables, add grid and hooks
  initial table with headers
Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek af2e76e4a0047e3258d12ba13a2bfd21e2539ae3 af2e76e4a0047e3258d12ba13a2bfd21e2539ae3 add mockup picture
Michal Ondrejcek Michal Ondrejcek 704d34c3a3898a285e29e7a18d961682b5ec7b6d m 704d34c3a3898a285e29e7a18d961682b5ec7b6d removed unused states

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