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Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 6a0bed9d24d09799e76ed89a291fb291925093fc 6a0bed9d24d09799e76ed89a291fb291925093fc Pull request #461: Bugfix/GEOD-1327 closing a detail page using the x breaks sensor popup
Merge in GEOD/geodashboard-v3 from bugfix/GEOD-1327-closing-a-detail-page-using-the-x-breaks-sensor-popup to develop

* commit '801ab92e82ef1f28261e6ec352530fdb674be7a9':
  Lint and check flow for ExplorePopup
  Updated changelog
  Removed some of previous popup code logic
  Fixed popup closing button
  Created a Popup component
Aaraj Habib Aaraj Habib 801ab92e82ef1f28261e6ec352530fdb674be7a9 m 801ab92e82ef1f28261e6ec352530fdb674be7a9 Lint and check flow for ExplorePopup
Aaraj Habib Aaraj Habib 8629a9b4a9d2a52b1c161f7b67c91a84313cb051 m 8629a9b4a9d2a52b1c161f7b67c91a84313cb051 Updated changelog
Aaraj Habib Aaraj Habib 7f0113e81db7d7bc87942561399ab0383bb5cc86 m 7f0113e81db7d7bc87942561399ab0383bb5cc86 Removed some of previous popup code logic
Aaraj Habib Aaraj Habib e0f6eb6644c89b0d0e99a5bd9241ada029c2023d m e0f6eb6644c89b0d0e99a5bd9241ada029c2023d Fixed popup closing button

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