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Nicholas Tenczar Nicholas Tenczar 6f2ad087071b37c1e44401a4249089b1b3cd2173 6f2ad087071b37c1e44401a4249089b1b3cd2173 Final bit of merging the master with this branch... hopefully
Nicholas Tenczar Nicholas Tenczar 87e580af670411b1a3bb397cdf1076e754c2095d 87e580af670411b1a3bb397cdf1076e754c2095d Added modals and bug fixes for the new view system.
Nicholas Tenczar Nicholas Tenczar fa72d6dffdadd659afb31b90b8106d31ebd4478e fa72d6dffdadd659afb31b90b8106d31ebd4478e Created new composite view for MainMapView and ExploreView. Moved these into their own space.
Nicholas Tenczar Nicholas Tenczar 7eea743bef7a3a00b875a3f324c89b1f46c6cb2b 7eea743bef7a3a00b875a3f324c89b1f46c6cb2b Performing changes necessary for new view abstraction. The right way this time.
Nicholas Tenczar Nicholas Tenczar 2f008f48505fc61325a403829bc51e6443463828 2f008f48505fc61325a403829bc51e6443463828 Changed the nomenclature in the ExploreView to 'regions' from 'lakes.' This is more generic and more intuitive for application other than Great Lakes Monitoring.

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