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Michelle Pitcel Michelle Pitcel e176b6aa1e0ad3807769962c78f7c629974e7d28 e176b6aa1e0ad3807769962c78f7c629974e7d28 Merge branch 'develop' into feature/GEOD-978-create-links-between-v3-trends-page
Michelle Pitcel Michelle Pitcel a2efb68b337e99757569693e8039844a6ebdb0c5 m a2efb68b337e99757569693e8039844a6ebdb0c5 Fixes issue with Sites not always updating appropriately on the Search Page
Michelle Pitcel Michelle Pitcel 7f1e31d3e5704b27d236f24320453c0667d0788b m 7f1e31d3e5704b27d236f24320453c0667d0788b Add configuration options for the Compare Page graphs to have lines and points
Indira Gutierrez Polo Indira Gutierrez Polo d5616e0ae093d118635818b637dbd14c68042cab m d5616e0ae093d118635818b637dbd14c68042cab Updating x_axis on compare page
Michelle Pitcel Michelle Pitcel c47a4eccbc63a483499605c861c6944931d8a01d m c47a4eccbc63a483499605c861c6944931d8a01d In the Explore Page accordion items, if a Title is missing, display the ID.

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