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Agenda -

To Do

CZO Extractors next

Individual Updates/Blocking



Trying to get PRs all merged in Develop
Sandeeps PR is next to merge

Will need to rebase because of conflicts - we have an example that is complete we can follow

Dependency library to use with GUnicorn - and it works

We have a flow that goes thru downloading metadata

Some bugs for pushing metadata into card in Box - this is final step - Box is engaged to help

Will isolate a postman request for debugging why request is not accepted

Looking forward - taking extractor data and turning it in to card - should be straightforward

Structure of JSON that comes back in extractor - should just be metadata of extractor - the other elements are agent of extractor and the context of JSONLD to define key value pairs inside JSON ... skills wants JSON a certain way and that is not of value currently

Agent and Semantics - if we can put it in Skills data it might be helpful

Include "brought to you by Brown Dog and This Extractor"

UI for attaching a skill to a folder will not be available until December - we need to pick some extractors that work nicely - Ben will manage physically until this exists

  • simple language - does not match test right now
  • OCR - will be less straightforward
  • Could to Green Index
  • Could do path ... ?
  • Chi Analysis - Identify the river dynamics in a river basin and evaluate human activities' influences through Chi index in the streams.
  • Tree Delineation - how many trees
  • Tree - out put counts
  • 4Seed electron microscope extractors - just in wrong repo - dockerize
  • Project Supported Transformations Progress

This URL on this Folder is all that is available - when you upload to that folder

Need to get that URL for Apache for Brown Dog sooner rather than later

Then we can point it to different things

Next - work on getting Docker Branch into develop - then Bing can deploy to BD-Dev


I-school and HATHI Trust Meeting - Stephen and Darrin

Books that are from a certain period that can't be shared with the public - but they can share info about the book - word count, string search

They can take their feature extractors and contribute extractors to BD

Mix of languages - we proposed simple extractor

Need to add licenses for extractors - contributor licenses

Extractors don't need to be centralized ...


YanPecan udpates - 1/2 done - Pecan switching to fence url for polyglot


Threading for BDBox

Discussing about what branch to use


show what he did on Tests -

flask app - dependency injection

found some bugs in current test

Action items

  •  Tasks?