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Confluence Page for planning:  High Level Priorities

Review Design Topics: Design Topics

Last week in review:




Things still to do

  • Apache Config - Rob worked on this - should be fixed - need to coordinate with Box Contacts - Ben will make appropriate folders
  • starting on multi-threaded version
  • mongo logging is still to do
  • no mapping - all state is inside app
  • mapping to what box expects - pr had a bug - Yan just fixed
    • implementation - returns a triple - from JSON LD we get content - name value comes back as text in pills 
    • tags called cards
    • what other kinds of cards can we use?  guess from JSON LD what kind of cards to use
    • put hints somewhere - clowder has sections we can use for cards
  • speed improvements next
  • future - have an app to look in to see exceptions
  • problem - where to see logs - can see on docker - docker services on BD - logs are pushed to Kibana and not local anymore - current access issues seeing Kibana

NLP Test -

LDAP - follow up on progress with Rob Kooper

Text on CZO started - at overview level currently - will put in a wiki page
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