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Discussion items

New version of tools catalog is still a focus to release



Box blog released and tweeted and picked up by HPC Wire

NCSA Brown Dog and Box Skills Speed up Astronomical Research - copied to the Brown Dog blog

Twitter Stats on Brown Dog Post

  • Impressions
    • times people saw this Tweet on Twitter 1,073
    • Total engagements 13
    • Likes 3
    • Link clicks 3
    • Detail expands 3
    • Profile clicks 3
    • Retweets 1

  • Started development on Green index extractor for images - hoping to complete by Friday.
  • Haven't made much progress on Box skills refactoring
  • Schedule a meeting with Louisville collaborators on how to use command line tools



Worked on getting feature extractor to work


  • Clowder 1.6 released
  • University of Lousville Green Index / Matt Browning partnership
    • look at links of relevant technologies share by their team
    • sent email with plan to support them
  • Met with Dr. Nam related to deep learning tasks and plan moving forward. Reviewing tentative plan drafted by Dr. Nam.
  • Working on presentation of Clowder extractors for Rokwire team

RobUpdating machines that are running Ubuntu 12.04 - EOL  end of month - will include Brown Dog


Dukyun Nam

reviewing info from Luigi

Proposal - work plan for extractor for extractor for pavement analysis

set up env

ran simple extractor - didn't work - but understands rabbit mq

looking into tensor flow models in GitHub - object detection API

related to Deep Learning - SMU use case - large dataset of images in City of Dallas - pictures of pavement - they are labeled - build a model that if it gets a new picture - what is condition of pavement (can he use pictures for training)

There is another project here where student is looking at cracks in pipes can be looked at - Luigi will give info

used Amazon Deep Learning Service - uses tensor flow under the hood

Meeting tomorrow at 2:00 with Barbara

To Dos - Tasks