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Discussion items

New version of tools catalog is still a focus to release


  • Working on BD Transfer catalog
    • Fixed bug related to bootstrap
    • Started looking at form to create a new entry
  • Discussed tools catalog priorities
    • Search
    • Detail View
    • Submission form
    • Clusteman endpoint (Mark will work on this)

  • Green index extractor deployed and running on production
    • Meeting with collaborators to go over the client this Friday
  • Created a guest folder for student interested in the Box Skill
    • Asked campus to enable skill on folder
  • Had some issues with galaxy extractor running at SDSC.
    • If there are errors in the message the message is not going into the errors queue
    • Trying to fix it as part of refactoring

  • Have docker compose to setup basic components
    • Can't connect to fence on localhost
  • Errors on production
    • Dbpedia. Will try the different URL for dbpedia
    • Not sure geotiff
    • Will check the clients connected to the NLP extractor. Queue is not increase/decreasing.


  • Clowder 1.6.1 release
  • Getting access to SMU GPU cluster

Dukyun Nam
  • Shared wiki page defining steps for training sidewalk model
    • Collected a list of existing relevant datasets and models in this area

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