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Discussion items


  • Fix bug with rendering of list in tools catalog
  • dockerize transformation-catalog, not finish.
  • update bd-test for ncsa.image.geotiff, merge from develop to master. per request from Mark


  • Fix bd-test deployment of master. Yan Zhaodid you manually change the files on disk?
  • Run mango for tool catalog outside of docker using homebrew

  • Working on CZO Network data use case. Reviewing current services and extractors.
  • Defining use case. Adding to:
  • Add chat with Boris Capitanu about his new extractors (he is writing them from scratch and has questions)
  • Going to start cleanup of clowder code base towards 2.0
  • Need to apply for account on HAL for both myself and Caiting
  • To create a git repository for the deep learning code
  • Meeting with Surangi and research for pollen use case. Their models are written in matlab. Researcher will gives us code to run matlab code to create an extractor. We will need to create extractors. Rob Kooperhas ideas on how to create a simple matlab extractor.

Dukyun Nam
  • Got permissions of SLURM on HAL
  • Got more images from Luigi
  • Tensorflow execution time per single step
    • Laptop 10 seconds
    • Open nebula 7 seconds
    • Hal cluster < 1 second
  • Done training in HAL with one GPU. Job has been running for 1 day so far.
  • Can use TEnsorBoard to connect to remote cluster

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