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Discussion items

Focus on finalizing toolkit and Semantic Service

future -

We have Mappings from CZO network and IMLCZO and Seagrant - says this header in csv file is standard name

Then there is another mapping set - where they took header in CZO and mapped them to ODM2

Between these we can potentially populate the service with hundreds of used mappings



Fixed error in tools catalog rendering order of cards

Changed to using a different bootstrap built in library

Docker container is done - Mark tested and it is working (he needs to approve PR)

Next switch to CZO - have looked a bit at hydroshare

It is not a mapping service - they have a jupyter code page that shows all the calls - should be easy

they don't have an open URL - just code library

work on an extractor - CCAN extractor as a base - to do transfer of data to hydroshare

do the same thing but just for hydroshare

Second stage will be how much can we make clowder more than an extractor to run transfer

extractor will need to be a universal user - configure with some account

Make a list of questions - can take this to Wednesday CZO network office meeting with Hydroshare


Could not get issue with Galaxy extractor to work - container / dependency thing - will back burner for now - it will be running from SDSC for now

CZO work next

Sematic work - aggregate files from different sources - units conversion

How to select sets to aggregate

Select datasets in gui to stage for aggregate extractor (run extractor on multiple datasets)

possibly make a temporary dataset to aggregate - collection

all files on my desktop or in hydroshare - aggregate all these in to one file

Convert units - height, time, etc.

UniData and python library called Pint

Luigi will provide examples



PR for heartbeats

PR for clearing search results in Clowder

Dukyun Nam

Goes on vacation starting tomorrow

Demo results on training dataset - results are not as accurate as needed

Wiki page in home directory - need to move so it can be accessed?

Move to pages under here: Machine Learning How-Tos

Shannongoing to be working on final report

To Dos - Tasks