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Discussion items

Focus on finalizing toolkit and Semantic Service

future -

We have Mappings from CZO network and IMLCZO and Seagrant - says this header in csv file is standard name

Then there is another mapping set - where they took header in CZO and mapped them to ODM2

Between these we can potentially populate the service with hundreds of used mappings



Transformations and fixed rendering bug

Having issue with another bug - Luigi says you should be able to remove and it will work - all icons have wrapper - object wrapping - could be a copy and paste issue - icon/image showing at same time

Discussion - progressive loading and then add item

Yan look at something Luigi asks - not sure what it is Luigi Marini ?

Jupyter info;

or you can go there from:

Need a repo to put Hydroshare stuff in?  Make a list of questions we can ask


PR review -

Not much progress on CZO task - needs clarity on what it involved in task - Luigi and Sandeep will meet

Galaxy on hold - Rob suggested not using pyclowder - create a regular extractor and use different one - Luigi has an example using Tensor flow with simple extractor over python 2.7 to look at


Endpoints set up for Docker - starting migration process

Prioritize deployment


Resolved issues with getting Java to work in Docker environment

Haven't been able to test - cant get simple extractor to work in local clowder environment

It isn't extracting anything - nothing shows

Docker Run still doesn't show anything - sounds like what Sandeep was getting - need to try multiple times - new docker compose takes longer to set everything up - then you can start extractor

Wait for logs to stop - then start extractor

Sandeep can help

Follow up with Boris also


Working with Tools Catalog - have a couple comments

Saw Mark's PR - has Tools Catelog been deployed to dev? We want to have on dev so people can look at it - make it a priority

Can Yan Zhao and Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan look at Mark's PR please?

Keep in mind for Clowder - merged heartbeat into develop - the latest pyclowder you don't need to do a post to register the end point

Need to work on CZO work next - would like to show new stuff at ESIP conference in July


need to complete the last of the testing and figure out if I need to move the code into NCSA bitbucket space or leave it in github

Gregory Jansen - we can create a repo - please put it in bit bucket


Going to be working on final report - need to know how to summarize past years

please start working on past 6 months

To Dos - Tasks