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Yan Zhao any updates? Did you see the email from the hydroshare people about client documentation?

  • Started working on CSV dataset aggregator extractor.
  • Updated simple extractor documentation based on Don's feedback.

  • Needs access to edit plan in Bamboo.
  • Luigi Marini Gave access to edit plans and fixed bd-transformations-catalog plan.
  • Need to uploaded mongodb dump to central mongo. will store it as `transformations-catalog-dev`
  • No progress on windows VM. Will work on it while Rob is out.

  • Finished PR search pages on Clowder, merged to develop
  • Clowder 1.7 release
  • Upgrading Sphinx documents
    • Can't get it to build on bamboo because it's defaulting to python2, I think I know what I can try next
  • The CZO use case requires us to create an instance of Clowder with data from Need to write simple scraper to populate Clowder instance.
  • Need to populate mappings for semantic annotation service. Units in standard name or separate? Should  a dataset have a default unit for specific physical variables?
  • Don said he has successfully written a simple extractor. He also provided feedback in Clowder slack and Sandeep was able to fix the documentation. Yay!