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What is the progress on this?

finish the extractor, send an email for questions I have

some issues to discuss:

  1. TODO: add folders as what is on clowder ( need to use API instead of pyclowder)
  2. TODO: use clowder tags as HydroShare keyword?
  3. I am using description as abstract on HydroShare, what if the dataset has abstract metadata?
  4. I didn’t make the resource public/ shareable/ discoverable, because:

some issues for them:

  1. What is the resource type? What are the options besides “Generic”?
  2. How to set the time zone? I update the resource at 11:48am CDT, but it shows 4:48 p.m.
  3. hs.resource(resource_id).files.all() returns python Response, not the list of files or files’ information. Is that expected?
  4. On the webpage, where can I view a file’s extra_metadata ?
  5. I am trying to set file metadata with hs.resource('ID OF RESOURCE GOES HERE').files.metadata(FILE_ID, params)

How can I get the FILE_ID? Or the FILE_ID is the file path?


  • All the extractors on dev were timing out. Spent time on research to figure out that Clowder on bd-clowder-dev should be restarted. This fixed the timeout issues.
  • Transformations catalog has been started on dev, but still is having issues with database connection.
  • Started going through the VM setup to get the ArcGIS VMs migrated to the new hypervisor.