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Discussion items



get email back from hydroshare,

update file metadata in the extractor

most of issues doesn't influence the code or they have further plan

some issues to discuss:

  1. TODO: add folders as what is on clowder (need to use API instead of pyclowder)
  2. TODO: use clowder tags as HydroShare keyword?
  3. I am using description as abstract on HydroShare, what if the dataset has abstract metadata?
  4. I didn’t make the resource public/ shareable/ discoverable, because: can't guarantee they won't change something and it stays stable

Luigi will show next week - he doesn't have screenshots of metadata


CZO progress is slow - pushed latest to bit bucket - Luigi not sure if he has run it - has not looked at code

Added test files as well

Column names are just names - not URIs - include standard name from annotation service

Created by X - works fine

XSEDE- got more data - ethernet cable connection was not working (had been using wifi without knowing)

Poster accepted to EScience - Sept California - Co-Located with Gateways in San Diego


Connection issue for Mongo db to transformation catalog still occurring - testing area got overwritten?

will check with Rob- need to find logs as well

Did get new VM as a model for arc gis set up so Rob can clone

Should be able to move from old hypervisor to new one


Clowder 1.7.1 released - there will be a 1.7.2 soon

ESIP presentation next week and Clowder slides after that

new screen shots needed if there are any

No slides for semantic annotation yet - will need feedback when they are ready

Spoke with Barbara M today - how to launch green index ... can we do a demo of this - make a video?



I'm debugging punchcards this week

fixed blocking issue: Clowder said that extractor heartbeat response has a bad format. "repository" JSON was supposed to be a list.

on to next step to get extractor to work