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Discussion items



Begin testing the Tools Transformation Catalog - what is this? (smile)

What is the link I need to share?

Will need to fix CSS (size of icons issue) + path issue before we start - Yan can't test locally - possibly can run behind NGINX

I will come up with a testing matrix and the follow up mechanism to gather input on bugs and improvement suggestions

Make sure be ready for last report for NSF


Updating Abstract / Poster for EScience - Aug 5 deadline for camera ready version

at PEARC19



Make updates for CSS a first priority


Clowder documentation is live

Bug fixes going out for 1.7.2 release of clowder

Setting up CZO instance of Clowder with their data in it

Rob will create a clowder instance using docker stack

Luigi will be writing python to take data/metadata data dump from Hydroshare - and dump in Clowder instance

Challenge is the number of fields and where to put info where we can highlight advantages of Clowder

restoring lat/long of datasets without connecting to geodashboard



no update


Proposed Milestones for Review: to complete by end of September - need to assign dates

1) Get this code into an NCSA repository. That will make it easier to share code with others and gather input. (It has a separate Python module project, so really it is two repositories.)

2) Add the ability to contribute individual punchcard data to a dataset, i.e. aggregation.

3) Refine the code to make it more silent when the image does not contain a punchcard.

4) improve code documentation

5) Add the extractor to the tools catalog.


having quarterly report before leaving? need Q2 report - Shannon has Q1

review Mark's PR - test behind NGINX - deploy his branch and see if it works

CSS and URLs (home page button going to wrong URL)

Hydroshare extractor - requires keyword (use CZO? )