Discussion items



Testing Matrix

We have some items that can be turned into tasks

Shannon will make bug tasks


How can we get all the tests passing more consistently?

Webinar for Clowder went fine

Creating youtube space for clowder

University has free space where we maintain rights if we want to look at it - media space (used by university classes)

Critical ingestion

In 2 weeks go to OSN meeting

SandeepPoster for next week - needs more pictures and some text (XSEDE project for newspapers)


Updating kernel on brown dog machines - BD updated clean, Ext 17 clean, ext 14 was not up? is it integral?

DAP had issues where mongo didn't want to update - then polyglot didn't want to start - then RabbitMQ didn't want to start

Polyglot doesn't have a sysctl init script - need to move to system.d

Bing might know more on Polyglot

Updated licenses on Arc GIS extractors using license server on campus

need to put on new VM structure

Looing at Tests - all ARC GIS were failing because of license issue

2 or 3 others failing once in a while - have not looked at them yet - copy them to slack for input - (should they be on a white list? let's discuss)

All converters failing because DAP is down


presented - detection mechanism for machine learning - mask class

wrote an extractor for this and now testing - testing jpg into mask class

error in build - Luigi gave some tips to try

Need python 3.5 for on-build - Sandeep had same issue with Galaxy image extractor

Luigi sent a requirements link - to try

upgrade pip not working

will work with sandeep - something changed in Simpl docker image?