The Brown Dog DTS is intended to be an extensible/distributed service with new transformation capabilities being added and hosted at various sites over time.  We keep a catalog of these transformation capabilities within the Brown Dog Tools Catalog.  To access it navigate to:

and login using the button at the top right with your Brown Dog username/email and password. 

Adding a Tool to the Brown Dog DTS

To begin the process of adding your dockerized tool to Tools Catalog, click "Contribute" at the top of the page.  You will be taken to the page which will show the tools you have already contributed and a button to begin creating a tool "Create Tool".

You will be taken to an entry screen:



  • Title of the tool - note the size restrictions - no other restrictions as to format currently - Required
  • URL - location of the dockerized tool - Required
  • At a glance - a short description of the tools - Max of 140 characters - Required
  • Description - a full description of the tool
  • Citation - instructions on how someone would cite the tool if they used it in their work
  • YouTube Video URL - link to an instructional video if available
  • Tool Type - Indicate if the tool is a Converter or Extractor

and click "Submit".  When the system returns the tool has been created and the information is displayed.  Review the tool and edit if necessary.

Tool Level indicates the following:

  • Level 1 = Just a link (not usable out of box)
  • Level 2 = a script (usable with a little work, i.e. setting up a VM)
  • Level 3 = a container (usable with a click of a button)
  • Level 4 = test data included (automatically usable and testable, the best case situation!)

Click "Add Brown Dog Script" to proceed.


  • Title - this is the title of the script and not the tool - there are no naming conventions currently - Required
  • Description - this is the description of what the script does - there are no length standards - Required

Click "Next".  Additional fields will display to allow files to be submitted for the script.

Click "Choose File" to submit the following files:

  • Brown Dog Script File
  • Docker File
  • Example Input file - for testing and illustration purposes
  • Example Output - for testing and illustration putposes
  • Queue Name - can be left blank  - advanced users may know the specific queue that will be used in the Elacticity Module - Must be the same as Extractor Name in the code itself (extractor_info.json)
  • Docker Image Name - can be left blank
  • VM Image Name - can be left blank

Click "Submit".  Review the script information and click "Author Approve" to submit the script.  "Edit" is available to change any details.

At this point a Brown Dog Admin is notified that a new transformation tool has been submitted, and they will review and test the tool and approve it for use.  The tool will then be viewable in the "Browse" list of all tools in the current installation of the Tools Catalog.

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