The Brown Dog Windows client provides users with an easy to use graphical interface to Brown Dog services, performing conversions, extractions, and providing another level of search of files within folders based on extracted metadata.  Below we describe how to use the Windows client.

Installation and Setup

Windows users can go to Brown Dog Clients to download BD windows Client Installer and install it on Windows (7, 10).

After installation you can setup the client to utilize a specific DTS instance by going to settings and setting the server along with your credentials for that server:


To convert a file right click on a the file and selecte "Brown Dog DTS → Convert":

The Windows client will show the reachable output formats from the files current format.  Select the desired output format and press "Submit":

Entire folders can also be converted by selecting "Brown Dog → Convert":


To extract information from a file right click on the file and select "Brown Dog DTS → Extract":

The extraction output will be contained within a JSON file of the same name:

Any derived products will also be available within a new zip file of the same name.

Finding Similar Files

Users can index files within folders based on derived tags/data and then search that folder with an example file to find files that are similar to it in terms of derived data.  To index a folder simply right click on it and select "Brown Dog DTS → Index":

To carry out a content based search across this folder select a file to use as the query, right click on it and select "Brown Dog DTS → Find Similar":

Windows Client ranks the search result from Top (most similarity) to Bottom (least similarity).