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  • Create Release Branches for all Components
    • Fence
    • Clowder
    • Polyglot
    • Data Wolf
    • BD-CLI
    • BD.R
    • BD Windows Client
    • BD Fiddle
    • BD Test
    • Extractors
    • Converters
  • Complete work
  • Testing Release Branches
  • Issue Pull Requests (Release Branch → Master)
  • Merge Release Branches after Approval
  • Tagging in Bitbucket 
  • Tagging in Docker Hub
  • To Do
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  1. Shannon Bradley, should we fill in the checkboxes here or is this just a template for future releases?

  2. I was thinking about that - if we used this as a template- could we make "copies" of the page and date them so we have a fresh one for each future release? 

    1. Since this process will be repeated for all releases, I think for each of the releases we could to have a page in which this can be a child page or the parent page itself. But then this page might not exactly work as a template since for example "Testing Release Branches" involves testing of each of the release branches and different people are responsible for them. The question is, "who will check that checkbox?" 

  3. will all the same items from "create release branch" be duplicated under "test release branch"?

    if so - then each person who confirms the individual branch is tested would check the box - and then the last person to check the last box could check the header as completed

    Confluence will store who checked the box I think?

    1. It looks to me that a tabular format like below will be compact:

      Brown Dog Release Version 0.3.0

      Checklist Matrix/Table

      ComponentMaintainerCreate Release BranchTest and do bug fixes on release branch...Sign off
      FenceLuigiDone / checkboxDone / checkbox...Done / checkbox
      BD-CLISandeepDone / checkboxDone / checkbox...Done / checkbox
      1. nice - I like that - (there was no thumbs up)