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The source code for the chrome extension for the DTS can be found in

To build the extension from source code (Link to google chrome documentation on packaging):

  • OS X

 /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --pack-extension=path/ to/ dtsextension directory

It will generate two files dtsextension.crx and dtsextension.pem (private key). 

In future if you want to update/build the extension gain then use the following command:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --pack-extension=/path/to/dtsextension --pack-extension-key=/path/to/dtsextension.pem

  • Linux

 Same as Mac OS, except for the path to Google Chrome application will change

  • Windows
    • chrome.exe --pack-extension=C:\myext --pack-extension-key=C:\myext.pem


The current built of chrome dts extension is deployed in

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