You can utilize Brown Dog as part of your Data Management Plan in order to preserve developed software and tools beyond the life of the project and do so in a manner that is callable and usable by others across the scientific community through the Brown Dog DTS.  In addition, usage metrics will be gathered and be made available to the tool creators as an additional impact measure of the resulting work.  Example text for the inclusion of Brown Dog in your Data Management Plan is as follows:

The data analysis/manipulation software developed here will be pushed into the NSF DIBBs: Brown Dog (ACI-1261582) project as data extractors/converters within the Brown Dog DTS, a service providing automatic data annotations/analysis and format conversions as a broadly usable internet resource.  Brown Dog aims to both provide services and tools to aid in the curation, accessing, and indexing of data as well as to preserve scientific software that might be leveraged for that purpose.  As Brown Dog extractors/converters, the capabilities of these tools will be preserved, will take part in an ecosystem of other extraction/conversion tools, and will be leverageable by others within the scientific community, perhaps in very different fields, as well as by the general public.

For additional information and resources please refer to the the Data Management Plan Tool here.  Example Data Management plans can also be found here on the DataONE page.

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